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By arkensielphoto

Wisteria Seed Pods

I spent the morning re-potting all of my houseplants, orchids and cacti. Despite the many cacti that I re-potted I only got one “spine” in my finger!
I spent the afternoon doing some knitting as well as some crochet.
Today’s picture is of some Wisteria seedpods. It was very dark where they were hanging, so not a particularly good picture. I might plant some in a pot and see if they grow, but first I need to go to Scotsdales Garden Centre as I used all of my potting compost this morning.
Thanks for all the stars yesterday on my “Mummy and twins”, they visited again today, bringing with them another deer.
The temperature at GMT noon was eighteen degrees Celsius. It has been windy at times, no rain so far and some lovely sunshine.

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