By flavia13


Sorry for not commenting much no yesterday's or today's blips, just been a bit busy.  Will hopefully catch up tomorrow.

This morning spent in sorting out some family history stuff as Aunty B bought me some great paperwork of my Grandfather and Great Grandparents as  well as a couple of photos.  

This afternoon was the U3A Digital Photography Group.  I appear to be nominated as the note taker now as well as the Tea Lady, so oromotion or demotion???

We are producing an AV (audio visual) presentation, primarily about Grange but with a small section about the U3A as next year we are commemorating 20 years of the U3A in Grange.  The AV is going to be about all aspects and ages of Grange though.  Plenty of disagreements, agreements, opinions etc, but all very friendly. It's going to take a long time but we have about a year.

This is an emergency blip I'm afraid, hope it's OK!! The photo is of one of the houses right in front of the Hampsfell Car Park and taken as I came away from the Photography meeting. Always great views up there and I thought I would show the view over to Morecambe instead of Arnside for a change.

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