By flavia13


What a really dreich day to celebrate our 44th wedding anniversary.  Well actually we haven't done anything but we are going to Thyme Out for one of their Mezze evenings tomorrow in celebration so that will be fun.

I was wondering what to blip and was sat here working out my maternal Grandmother's family tree when I saw a flash a red by the big tree that cut of our view of The Bay.  I first of all thought it was a large bird, but then again - it was a kite surfer.  The photo is a bit zoomed in but I have also included a further zoomed in one in extras.  I just didn't want to put one in that didn't show where it is, should I have gone for the extras' as the main one do you think??  I was using my zoom lens as well but of course we are quite high up so even though he was quite close to the shore it's still a long way, I would have needed a humungous (technical term) zoom to get him very close.

This is quite exciting because with the very fast tides and quick sands we don't get any activity over The Bay except the Walkers and once I've seen a boat, but that's it.  Now the tide's almost out and it's just sands again.

Will get to your blips later this evening.  Hope you are all OK.  Look after yourselves.  See you all tomorrow.

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