By flavia13

SAPPHIRE ...............and Steel

Not quite, but it is our Sapphire Wedding Anniversary today - 45 YEARS MARRIED, right at this time too.  I can't believe it, where did those 45 years go!!!???

Did I get any sapphires - well no of course not, but then I didn't want any - I have the only gem I need - and that is my Hubby.  Years ago I would have wanted some but I don't wear an awful lot of jewellry these days, the odd broach, earrings, occasional necklace or bracelet but that's it.  Although I still appreciate beautiful jewellry when I see it, I no long desire it - to be honest I'd rather have a nice meal out or a good book or three!!

So what exciting things are we doing for this special day!!??

Well Hubby's been up his allotment and I've cleaned the bathroom!!!?  We know how to rock-n-roll in this house!!??

The photo in the blip is not one of mine sadly it was taken by a local professional Somerset photographer and is of Glastonbury tour and was a present to us from G the first Christmas we moved here.

I don't go in for parties these days either.  If things had been different Rob and I would have gone to a great restaurant last night but neither of us feel like doing that yet so we stayed home and had home cooked fish and chips.

Next year there are quite a few big birthdays in my family and especially my Mum, who will be 90 in August -  so, hoping this Covid thing will be well and truly sorted by then - we will have a nice family meal out somewhere for just about 6 of us - that is much more me.  We can then belatedly celebrate the Sapphire Anniversary, Mum's 90th and whatever other birthdays there are.  A lovely meal, some wine and good company - that's much more me.

Anyway - hope you are all well - do take care and stay safe out there.  So much cooler and better today.  See you all tomorrow.

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