I decided to do some washing this morning as it was still very windy, but it wasn’t raining and although I like my towels dried in the tumble drier, I like sheets to air-dry on the washing line. I had to use about thirty pegs for each sheet because I was afraid they would “take off” in such high winds.  We went out for coffee and then I had some shopping to do for Mum, so he came on home and I went down into town.  When I asked how he got on taking in the sheets, he said that he had to hold on to them fast, as the wind was gusting and he thought he might end up being blown away!

I took this shot before we went out, as a nod to Abstract Thursday, and have played around with it in Snapseed, finishing up with a sort of abstract photograph and only then did I look at the theme for today, which is “texture” and I guess this is a little textured.

As most of you know, life is a little fraught at the moment so I’m afraid this will have to do - other things have taken over, so this is a quick Blip. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding and, of course, for all your kind comments and stars. The “care package” is still not sorted out, and  there are other issues too, so I guess that means we have to keep fighting, but hopefully all will be well very soon. 

“Strong people are made by opposition 
     like kites that go up against the wind.” 
Frank Harris

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