Capital adventures

By marchmont

Not a book

Full on day scrabbling around trying to print misdirected paperwork which wasn't there anyway. Then a conversation about the foxes. My next door neighbour's niece has called the pest control for an unwarranted reason. She took no action on Molly and she was a danger to her aunt, when she fell over her and ended up in hospital. Basil Brush was R4.

Then to the Book Festival with E. Bumped into 2 folk I knew and challenging discussions on homelessness and politics in the digital age. The first one was slightly marred by erroneous references UK housing ministers and policy. Lunch was good too.

Then to Sighthill for a very good Board meeting, which finished early, a first and it was a lovely sunny ride home the top deck of the 400.

Food and the realisation I'd accidentally double booked Saturday night. Doing things in a rush is never good. Also realised there were no photos of a shy Charlotte Square, or a fox card. No word on the foxes.

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