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World Photography Day

Monday 19th August is World Photography Day

Here at Blipfoto every day is “photography day” but once each year on the 19th August the rest of the world celebrates all things photographic.

There is a lot to celebrate. The science and technology behind the camera, the incredible journey that has brought us to a place where our mobile phones now produce images that early photographers could only dream of, the art itself, the pleasure it brings and, of course, the power of the image. Just imagine a world without images!

Why 19th August?

Although Nicéphore Niepcé, a French inventor had already attempted and, to some extent succeeded, in capturing images during the early 19th century, Louis Daguerre managed to develop the first photographic process that only required an exposure time of just a few minutes and would result in an image that was of an acceptable quality.

This process developed by Daguerre was announced by the French Academy of Sciences early in 1839 and on 19th August the French government purchased the patent and released this invention as a gift to the world. What a gift.

Today photographic images are everywhere and where would we be without them?  Imagine your daily newspaper, favourite magazine or website without images.  A picture is definitely worth a thousand words.  Whether you are photographing the flowers in your garden, your family and friends or documenting events it’s great to share your world with the rest of the world.

To mark the occasion we thought it would be good for us to join in and use the hashtag #WorldPhotographyDay so we can be part of the celebration.  Why not use the opportunity to say what photography means to you or why it has had such an impact on your life. We are sure there will be some fascinating stories behind your images.

We look forward to seeing and reading your entries and you can read more on the dedicated website.

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