By Teasel

First Day Back

First day back at school.  BB wasn’t very keen to get out of his bed, with the result he was running late and he was quite grumpy.  His new trousers were falling down, and his new jumper was too  big . Then there were questions about whether he needed his cello.  He took it, but I was sure he wouldn’t get a lesson on his first day back.   He wasn’t keen to have the annual new school year phot taken as he didn’t have time, but I managed to get a couple.  In the end he headed off with plenty of time to spare.

TT and I headed for the train and I spent the day at my desk, catching up with emails and making sure various pieces of work were progressing. I had to squeeze myself onto a train home to make sure I was home in time to feed BB and get him out to football training.  I’m not quite into the routine of the new football, but I went for a walk in the evening sunshine, though there were dark clouds looming on the horizon.  I was pleased to hear that BB got homework on day one, which must mean they are straight into work.  I was less happy that he was doing it when he should have been in bed.  We need a new regime here!

Here he is off to school.

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