I predicted stress and my prediction was spot on.  I felt I had done my bit.  New shoes, trousers, shirts, jumper had all been purchased alongside assorted items required by the new back to school regime. He eventually got out the door, but must have had to run all the way from home to school to have stood any chance of getting there in time.  Great start to his first day back.  I on the other hand collapsed on the sofa and TT remembered that he had to go and work.
I decided to bake to help with the de-stressing.  A batch of cheese and chive scones were produced.  Later I had to go out for a few things and to pick up lunch.  I decided I had time for a bit of a walk, but had to change my plans slightly.  I was able to take a shortcut through the fields to the river, but then struggled to find a nettle free path on to the river path. 
I returned home with lunch, and both TT and BB were waiting on me.  There wasn’t much chat from BB about school, it was all about lunch and how hungry he was!
He had a date with a  friend at Foxlake later in the afternoon.  The boys had fun, though were a bit frustrated as there were too many young one!  S and I had a good old catch up.  Once they were done the boys had hot chocolates and cakes while we watched the wake boarders.   When we got home it was so much brighter, sunnier and warmer than at Foxlake.  I popped out for a wee walk, then came home to organise tea, which was really just a heating up job, as we had had a meal delivered.  It was delicious.
TT then had his usual virtual whisky session, I zoomed with the ladies and BB was glued to his X-Box.
Here is BB at Foxlake on the climbing wall.  The extra is on the monkey bars.  He didn’t fall in at all (apart from the zip wire, where you have to jump off into the water), and he went round a few times on different routes.  I wish I had his strength and agility.

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