By dfb24

Rattlesnake Master....

....entwined with Queen Anne's Lace & a background of coneflowers. It's only 1430 & already we've had such a mixed bag of weather. Soft light this morning, followed by overcast, sun, drizzle, sun, and now back to overcast! I went for my walk when we hit the first "overcast" this morning, and was home before the drizzle part. Then I drove to the mall to look for something to wear to my 50th High School reunion, coming up the beginning of September.   I SO hate to shop for clothes so I've been putting it off for as long as possible, but today I managed to find a top I liked, plus it was marked down to $27.00--my lucky day--so I bought it. Thank goodness THAT'S done!!  Big thanks to Miranda for her wildflower challenge and to Anni/BikerBear for her FlowerFridays. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. :))

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