By chantler63

Light at the end of the Tunnel

The last of our hospital visits today for a while. Strange places really with so much hanging around. So much collective time wasted. One doctor was overseeing the clinic, two wards and any emergency admissions - a huge workload. The NHS is woefully understaffed.

John was in for a MRI scan which only took 10 minutes BUT we had to be there for10 am, it was then a wait of at least two hours before the scan was done and then another long wait to see the consultant.  We eventually left around 2pm. So much time waiting that I can't help feeling there just has to be a better way. All that time from the workplace wasted.

All to confirm that John's brain is perfectly normal - although I might disagree with that! The problem yesterday  seems to be that the migraines which he has had occasionally were exacerbated by the anaesthetic and unsettled the equilibrium. Things settling down now and we'll have to await to assess the eventual success of everything. Blip of a bridge corridor between two parts of the hospital.

Off to my nephew's wedding tomorrow and I'm the photographer. Sorting kit all evening and checking all batteries fully charged. I just hope the weather is reasonable for outdoor group shots.

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