By flavia13

THE DARLING BUDS OF ................

No NOT May - August????  Taken whilst still wet and drippy.  I expect it's dry again now, but the garden was still damp early this morning when this was taken.

A quiet day today, very blowy out there but nice and Sunny.  Definitely more like an autumnal day than an August one - but then I do Love the Autumn - my favourite time of year.

I've signed up for the Composition - Get Off Basics Course starting on 6th September with Emma Davies who did the AYWMC course I did last year.  Thought I'd give it a go as it's all very relaxed.  You do get assignments and can join a facebook support group but no having to meet deadlines or anything like that.  

So I did a bit of studyig and quite a lot of family history.  I've done most of it now but I do need to do a lot of checking and verification.  

Going out this evening to celebrate our anniversary, which as you know was yesterday.  A Mezze evening at Thyme Out, they're always good, excellent food, service and fun.  Signed up for another night on 7th Music, that one will be a music night - a guitarist is coming in I believe.

I have to get myself organised as I have many assignments to complete now but that gives me loads of excuses to go out with the camera.

Thanks as usual for dropping by.  See you all tomorrow.

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