By dunkyc

".....walk it off."

Despite my continual grousing about how much I hate running, I think the secret is out that *whispers* I do actually quite like it.

I like the pre-run ritual of warming up, putting the head phones on and in the words of one of my favourite songs on the playlist, taking the worries of the day to "shake it off". There is also a nice solidarity amongst those inflicting physical exercise on themselves with many a wink, raised eyebrow, thumbs up or a smile exchanged between snatched breaths on a windswept former canal path. 

The feeling at the end of a run - once you're past the "oh my Christ, I am going to DIE!" phase - is unexpectedly refreshing and enables clarity of thought.

I'm trying to conquer the 5k at present, by conquer I mean reach my self imposed target of a sub 25 minute run. I think I've my work cut out as I'm about 3 minutes adrift at present, but hey, it gives me something to focus on when I'm not working or getting hammered by the children on Mario Kart.

I forget how I came across this article - because I'm not so far gone that I'm buying running magazines - but I was surprised to discover that Ronnie O'Sullivan is a big runner. 

Ronnie has become something of a hero of mine, not just because he's the greatest snooker player ever to hold a cue, but also through crediting Professor Steve Peters with turning his mindset around he led me to 'The Chimp Paradox' and the subsequent naming of my chimp as 'Ronnie'. If you've not read it, give it a try!

I digress, but it's a great article in which he credits running with helping him improve his mental health and whilst I am no where near his level (in any and every sense), I kind of know what he means.

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