Lost causes

Could have done with a metal detector or drone with an infra-red camera.

Set off for the evening walk with Luna & although I am not aware of any good reason to lock the car - I keep hoping it will be stolen - I did, and as I put the key into my trouser pocket, remarked to myself "hope it doesn't fall out". In the same pocket were several, empty, dog poo bags & a packet of tissues. In fact, I was wearing overalls with half a dozen pockets, some with zips & velcro fastenings.

It was still sunny & light as we set off, even a few hot air balloons still flying as seen in the bottom left. Towards the end, four herons flew by to roost but at a huge distance - as I took my eye away from the camera viewfinder, they couldn't be seen any longer by the naked eye.

Approaching the car along a track with 2.5m high corn/maize, a couple suddenly stood at a junction just 20m from us, they had clearly intended to turn into the track we were on but then changed their minds & went straight ahead however the man hadn't been watching out & fell into a hole dug by Telecom about 6 months ago & although quite well fenced off , there is a hole on the edge. The fenced-off hole is in the collage.

I didn't laugh, well not loudly anyway & walked the few paces to the car. Hands in the pocket to get key .......... yes!

Angie was away in Ottobeuren for the night but I still phoned her & asked if she could drive home and get the spare key for me. Added hassle is that the remote control to open the gates to get onto our property was also in my locked car.

While Angie made her way, I did the same walk again, staring at the ground all the way. It was now getting late, the moon was coming up. Naturally, in all the relatively tall grass I didn't find it. There were 3 times when I did bend down - one when Luna took interest in something at the edge of a cornfield, once when she did her business & I pulled out a poo bag & collected it and finally at the poo bag dustbin where I pulled out a new bag & put it in the same pocket. But no luck.

Got back to the car when it was dark. Luna was a bit puzzled but probably enjoyed the double-take. I didn't. Angie had deposited the spare key & we set off home. I was in no mood to cook.

(FOR THE RECORD ONLY - Found the keys exactly at the spot I was convinced I had lost them, 315 days later on 24 June 2020.)

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