Just Hangin Around

Had to go to the village this afternoon to collect some blood pressure tablets from the chemists.  When I had my phone appointment with the doctor on Tuesday she decided to reduce the dose of the blood pressure tablets  I was taking to try and get my potassium levels to come down. So I went to collect a new batch of tablets on Wednesday.  However the chemist gave me 2 packs of the old dose.  I told him I needed a lower dose so he phoned the health centre but they weren't helpful.  So I phoned them on Thursday. They said they would look into it.  They phoned back yesterday to say the doctor would send a new prescription to the chemist.  So I finally collected my tablets today.  What a faff.

As I set off walking to the village my knee became very painful.  I was tempted to catch a bus but as there were none due I just carried on walking.  The pain eased slightly as I walked so maybe it was a good thing to give it some exercise.  Going up and down some steps was a problem though as bending the knee is quite painful.  As well as popping into the chemists I also left a bag of stuff at the Oxfam shop and did some food shopping in Tesco.  Then walked home.  I was glad to get back and just sit for a while and relax. 

I haven't really done much today just a few chores.  I did listen to the footie on the radio.  Not an enjoyable experience.  Newcastle were playing away at Norwich and they lost 3 - 1.  They were terrible.  It doesn't bode well for the rest of the season.

So what to blip for Silly Saturday.  Decided on my fun cat coat hangers.  I bought them online a while ago - crazy aren't they.  But cute.  Thanks to admirer for hosting

Musical Link  - Saturday Night By The CAT Empire

Steps today -  7.009

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