A day in the life

By Shelling


I've had a slow day after last nights concert experience. We were invited for an "aftersit" at some friends who had prepared with some cheese and wine an light beer for us drivers. It was so nice to wind down after a hectic day and an exciting concert.

Harvest time has arrived, the farmers use all day to run their machines and if it's dry enough the turn on their flood light and drive as long as possible in the night as well. Time is vital, you have to harvest when the weather is dry, if you get the wheat corn wet the harvest will quickly be affected both by quantity and quality. After the harvest of the corn itself you are left with a lot of straw that gets rolled into hard balls (see extra), stored under a roof and then gets mostly used as "flooring" for the cattle but can also be used as food for the cows or even as building material mixed with clay fx. 

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