By dreaming


Here is Minkelina, keeping me company as I sit at the computer looking at blips and giving stars and comments.  It was a day during which I found nothing else that spoke to me as a blip.  But she is always lovely to photograph.

I worked with Thanh again today, and some of the words we defined were stalker and creep me out.  Apparently he has heard these while watching a TV program about some giant corporation.  We read articles about eating unprocessed food without going broke and the potential merger of T-Mobile and Sprint.  There's always variety when we read.

Then home to have lunch, do laundry, get frustrated by deciding how to clear out and organize the things that came out of and went back into the fridge.  That is so not my strong suit.

Tomorrow I will be having tea with a woman who lives on the sixth floor who I first met in the elevator.  We really hit it off in our conversations, so I am hopeful that I will have a new friend here in the building.  I like her sense of humor.

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