By Bella888

Busy Lizzie

Our (communal) garden has had a small makeover after a sad period. New gardeners employed with new ideas (they assisted at Chelsea Flower Show this year). Sadly in the time they have, there’s a limit to what they can achieve.

Back down to earth. A kindly resident does her bit too. These reliable Lizzies are her work. Bright and beautiful after all the rain. (While writing the rain has magically turned to sun).

Yesterday low pressure affected me. At least you can now get the readings on the weather apps. I collapsed (not literally) when I got home. We were invited to have dinner at friends. They cancelled as N wasn’t feeling well and was considering whether to go to A&E. I’ve left a message to find out how she is this morning. (Update: She’s better, and we are going tonight now)

Good news. AFCB (Bournemouth) won yesterday. 4 points now, and 6th in the league.

Today’s scenes of Hong Kong are unbelievable. Who would have thought? Hope all stays calm. Such a unique and wonderful place.

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