Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

The kebab chef

Today my daughter and I went down to the park where the Cheese & Chilli Festival was being held.  Hazel behaved very badly (scavenging food off the grass) and had to be taken home.  Did other people's dogs behave like this?  No! 

We now have some rather scrummy bits to eat tonight.  What fun.

This guy was cooking kebabs in clouds of smoke.  I can't say I wanted to eat one, but the swirling smoke was very blippable.  I also tried to capture something of the ultra large bubbles being blown by a bloke who was teaching kids how it was done, but with a difficult background It just didn't work.

And now it's pretty well Sunday evening and I feel ridiculously tired.  Please forgive me if my comments are a bit short tonight.  Hope you've all had a great weekend and that your week starts well  xx

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