By flavia13


A bit of an emergency blip today.  

Inbetween phone calls to my sister 'cos Mum has Sciatica and we've had to get the doctor out and studying my family tree and paperwork stuff I've not done too much today.  

So this is Hubby is our small back garden hoeing between his leeks.  That grin is because I said "come on smile then" he never smiles well in photos, unless you can catch him unawares.

I've also got a lot of photography projects on the go and need to do some back revision - so my brain is about to explode!!!??

I had have an hour off whilst eating lunch and watching Perry Mason (yep the original black and white episodes from the 1960s), they're so good.

Now back to the family tree.  

Hope you are all well.  Thanks once again for dropping by - see you tomorrow.

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