By dfb24

Archbishop Henni's statue...

...standing right in the middle of the front lawn & centered to be parallel to  the front entrance of Henni Hall, which is named after him. The building was constructed in 1856 and was the beginning of St. Francis Seminary. The seminary is one of the original Roman Catholic Seminaries in the U.S., & is the oldest in continuous existence. It was founded by Archbishop Henni to meet the demand for German-speaking priests in the area that was then "Wisconsin Territory". Some of you may remember my posting the inside of this dome when we toured the seminary buildings last year: here. Interestingly, the land that goes with the seminary makes up the largest portion of the City of Saint Francis, the boundaries of the city being only about 2 1/2 miles in diameter.  Thanks to 60Plus for hosting MonoMondays this month. :))

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