By dfb24

"Tiny Bubbles....

....in the wine.
Make me happy.
Make me feel fine".
Sorry, but unfortunately I've got the "Tiny Bubbles" song circling around in my head & I didn't want to be the only one hearing it! Haha!
I had to follow Tom over to the service station this morning, as one of the tires on his car has been losing air. He left the car there so I had to bring him back home. Because our daughter uses his car I had to play chauffeur and take her downtown for the first year law students' orientation day--she had to be there to represent one of the organizations and to sign up interested people--then I had to go back and get her. I have a couple of hours before I have to leave for a class tonight, so was trying to come up with something tiny to photograph; then my little buddy asked if she could go outside and "play bubbles", so  out we went.  I took an awful lot of shots, trying to get some bubbles in focus--not easy because they shoot out of the bubble machine so quickly!  This was the best of the bunch! Thanks to Nickimags888 for hosting TT this month. :))

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