Day five of the big water crises in our community.

No water in the morning. The usual.

They fixed the leak around 1 pm and after that we were happy having water normally. We had showers. I did wash of laundry. And am I glad I did.

We came home this evening around 8:30 pm and we could see the steer was wet again, so there’s a new leak on the same pipe.

So quickly filling the buckets and hand washing bowls and then out with the dogs hoping that we can still catch a shower after that. And we did! Shower after a 31°C day before going to bed. What luxury.

I have a bad feeling that this whole thing will be a huge mess. Some people wanna join together a hire a solicitor. Some people are getting very angry and vocal amongst us. The leak in under the new pavement that isn't area that the cleaning crew cleans, so clearly that doesn't belong to the community yet. (We’ve are still officially a building site.)

Perhaps the old community will start to question is it wise to take us to the community with Masa  building quality? Will that be more cost for them? Perhaps community’s insurance company will blame Masa for bad quality and ask them to pay for the repairs? They never part money without a war in court. Maybe they will ask Masa to change the pipes for better? I don’t think they offer to do that nor pay for that. Naturally there should be some kind of warranty for their quality.

Anyway the whole situation is absurd and getting on everyone’s nerves. I’m just amazed that this can happen in the first place.

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