Foggy morning

Last night we had a power cut. We woke up to the heat and realized all the power was out. Fortunately the lifting the fuses back up helped. In the morning we realized we were out of internet too! So at some point today we had no running water, no electricity and no internet. Quite an achievement!

We visited the internet supplier after siesta. After that our internet started again. Apparently calling them and informing doesn't work. One really needs to step inside to their office and show face.

Regarding the water situation. We were out of the information loop most of the day. Even now really. And out of running water as well. The insurance company repairman / plumber came at 10 am and dug a hole. (That's all I know.) After siesta he apparently came back. The rumor was that they might be bale to fix it today and if not today then it will be 2 more days. To me that tells that they might have needed some spare part that perhaps needs to be sent from somewhere. So we've been tense and frustrated all day. No info. No running water. Not even these 2 hour slots we got yesterday.

But finally after 5 pm the water started to reach us too. They are now digging close to the leak that was fixed, but bit higher up. I think that's good. They might know there's a small leak or they wanna make sure that all's well there too. Either way at the moment we've had running water for about two hours. Great to be able to flush the toilet. Feels luxurious even.

I'm not trusting that this is the whole situation now. But, we have the right source to fix it. Apparently since it's on community property it's community problem. If it was on someone's yard that would be that property's owner's problem. If it's on the street, it's water company's problem. Live and learn.

Apparently many people had heard the water running under the street, but not informed anyone! Apparently it's been running there for weeks! I hope it didn't have time to make a new sinkhole. We had one across from us after two days of heavy rain about 1,5 years ago. It was huge! And it could be devastating to the buildings.

People should tell someone if they see something funny. Even if they don't know who's the right person to get the info, they should ask someone else and dig a bit to find one to help. Letting water run right under your yard, underneath a parking lot... What if the cars had dropped into a sinkhole? It could have been so much worse than just 4 days without running water. Well, it still could.

Apparently the pipes in this area are well known to be shitty. The newly elected city government had promised to get a committee to make a survey of the water supply and pipe situation in our village. I do hope they hurry up. All we heard from the water company was there's too much houses for their capacity and it's not gonna fly. I wonder why they let build houses if they know they can't supply water. For the taxes of course...

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