By HeidiHH


Water episode continues

3rd day without sufficient running water.

Today some of us from our houses (all women!) went together to the builder’s office because the water company repeatedly blames the builder. So there we went and came back with some new information.

The builder has actually a certificate from the water company that the pipes are acceptable and once they gave this certificate they took responsibility of the pipes to themselves.

Also we got some of the blame. Us owners. We were told that we will be joined to the existing community once all the houses are finished. They told us to wait for info. Today they (builder) blamed us for not joining the community. Several have tried and been told that we don’t belong to that community. Now we have papers from the builder that we do, so perhaps that will take a step forward.

The community has spoken to their insurance company and they will come tomorrow with a special tool to look for the leak.

Until then we were given 3 2-hour slots when we’ll have water.

Unfortunately during the first two hours (which was 40 minutes late from the given schedule) so many people started to wash their yards and water their plants that there wasn’t enough water for our next given water slot. The container needs to fill to be able to supply us with water, so now we need to wait for that.

We’ve now tried to inform as many people as we can that please don’t wash your car or yard. Use the water to have a shower or bottle drinking water. We need to keep the usage in minimum to have it last to all of us. How can people be this ignorant and stupid? Well, to be fair not everyone was reached and the information given was very minimal. Even the people who have been calling the water company have not been told about these hours that we will get water. So when you see it coming out of the faucet, you wanna play it safe if you don’t know when you’ll see it next time. But washing your yard tiles….

My plan is to have a swim late his evening at the sea and after that wash with the bucket water if nothing is coming out of the pipes. Even if we have water at 6pm we still have to take out the dogs after that and then we are all sweaty again, so showering at that point does not help at all.

All this may seem very streamline communication, but it wasn’t. There was lots of calls made. Lots of people out on the streets looking for a solution. All kinds of little bits of information that either took the matter forward or was a dead end. But we did manage to get us bit more knowledgeable and a now a contact to the chairwoman in the old community. So perhaps we can get information faster to us living in the new houses.

Picture from our very early morning walk.

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