BB is wrecked tonight.  He’s had another intense twenty four hours of sporting activities. Starting with rugby after school yesterday.  He then had rugby fitness before school today, a rugby training session during school, a PE lesson and then a football game tonight.  He was wabbit when he got home.  He had a soak in a hot bath and went to bed asking for two bowls of cereal tomorrow morning!

I on the other hand have mostly sat at my desk, interpreting and summarising the information contained in some mega spreadsheets.  I had to print them out in the end and sellotape the pages together.  So much for the paperless office!!

I made myself go out at lunchtime for some fresh air, though I am very fed up with the density of people in Edinburgh at the moment.  I even braved a quick look at the High Street.  It doesn’t even look busy in this blip – but believe me it was.


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