By Teasel

Another Barley Field

I had to be logged on early today, but in the end I wasn’t as early as I had hoped as I had to go out and help TT pick up the devastation in the garden.  Pots everywhere and plants flattened.  It was very windy and wet overnight.  At least he sun was shining this morning.  It was another busy day, to round off my busy week.  It really feels like work has cranked up a gear or two.  My laptop was driving me mad later in the afternoon as it was working in slow motion.  So frustrating.
I did manage to squeeze in a chat with a colleague who has had a hard time recently, she’s not very happy, but knows she has to move on.
We are to remain in phase 3 of recovery for a while longer, although some more restrictions will be easing, with positive news about contact sports, which will please BB.
BB had football training tonight which was a slightly longer session.  I walked past another barley field tonight.  Unlike the one from the other night, I could see what was in this one, and I was being watched.

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