By Teasel

Barley Field

It seemed slightly brighter this morning when I got up and at least it was dry, however by the time I came out of the shower the mist had come down, but it cleared.  Later in the morning TT declared I should have put my washing on after all, so I did and he hung it out for me.  I have been so busy I didn’t even have time to do that today.  I did make time for a  quick walk in the early afternoon, as I hadn’t even time for that yesterday.  It was then straight back to my laptop and head down.  Later I didn’t even notice it was raining – really raining, so the washing was drenched.
It has been a crazy couple of days at work, it’s like someone’s flicked a switch, and we are all having to work at 110%.  At least the time passes quickly.
BB seems to be back into the swing of school which is good.
TT rustled up some tea from what he found in the fridge.  Later I went for a walk, hoping it wouldn’t rain again.  The mist came down and there was a rain shower, but nothing like earlier.  It’s a really dank evening though and the nights are definitely drawing in.
A local barley field in the mist.

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