Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Impending doom, foiled plans and other news

I was up at sparrows today to get the train down to Sydney.  I caught the earlier train because the last time I got a train to Sydney there were all sorts of shenanigans going on and the train was 50 minutes late.  Just as well because today it was brake and electrical failure in two middle carriages (the quiet carriages at that!) and I needed the extra hour to arrive on time for my interview.  Yes folks, interview.  I have been seconded to a Government business in Sydney for six months starting 9 September so expect to be bored by Sydney shots.  I will miss my beaches and the sea but am planning on coming back to Newie every weekend as I will be visiting the nursing home.

Impending doom for this chap as in the next frame he was swallowed.  From what I can see from his face I think he knew it was coming too.

And finally foiled plans.   I had intended blipping a tree for Bobs challenge this week but my battery died and I didn't have a spare with me.  So it has to be the surfer and not a wide Wednesday challenge.

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