I decided to head up to the moor today. I don't tend to go much in the high summer but it was really nice to be walking on springy turf instead of the wet ground that's so frequent in this part. It's nice to see it in summer as the heather starts to bloom and it seems completely different from the bleak atmosphere of the winter months. 

It's Wideangle Wednesday (hosted by BobsBlips) and the theme this week is 'An Interesting Tree'. I have a map in my head populated by interesting trees but I thought I'd go up to Emsworthy Rocks for my little lone Hawthorn tree beside the rocks up at 400 metres. It's a short walk that doesn't take long but with a bit of cardio exercise. After the sunshine on the way up a large cloud came over but I sat and waited it out before taking the picture. That's in as an extra but on this occasion, the one I liked best was the broken tree that lives in the hedge beside the car park. 

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