Rodents rule

By squirk

Lunch munch

There's a riot of colour in the flowerbeds by Coal Drop's Yard and there are lots of nectar sippers. The Regent's Canal is covered with green algae, which looks very tempting to small children who'd like to walk on over to the boats. There were several parents gripping the hands of those kids and trying to explain that the green wasn't grass.

I walked to the place where I saw the eel under the water a year or so ago. The sun wasn't shining through so there was no chance of seeing underwater canal life.

The work was steady today, helped by the stash of chocolate malted milk biscuits that I'd found in a larger Co-op (my local Co-op has stopped stocking this wonderful biscuit). I had a brief conversation with my boss about the disappointment of a biscuit that is the lemon puff. We'll stick to the malted milks. I had a few left at the end of the day and gifted them to a grateful fiction editor behind me who was working into the evening.

Fred comes home tomorrow. Home looks somewhat presentable. The cat didn't pick up all the mud he'd brought in and I had to do that. He's rubbish at tidying up.

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