No, not the photograph. Although I was awake very early, so got up to do some work and ended up going on the balcony and taking some pictures in the morning light. Of course, I photographed those cranes. But as I had my longest lens on again, and as it was lovely pink light, I thought I'd point my camera in the direction of the castle.

And of course it wasn't going to the gym, as I go everyday. This time for some more pilates on steroids at the council gym. Or the progress on Chapter 5, which went through yet more constructive rearrangement and I really can see the end of it now.

No, the excitement came in the evening when our upstairs neighbour came down for supper and some gentle chat. She used to work on cruise ships so she has visited a vast number of different places around the world. We sat there for a while in the evening exchanging travel stories, which was fun. I struggled a bit to start with around the whole idea of human company (not counting Mr A, of course...), but I got there in the end.

And Mr A revealed he has cabin fever and wants a walk in the Pentlands at the weekend. The weather is looking good, so that should be able to be arranged.

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