Wild Wednesday ....

.... small collage today.

Not many pictures were taken today so not much of a collage selection, I'm afraid. 

I was thrilled to see the Goldfinches on the massive sunflower plant that is in the backyard.  And even more thrilled when this male stayed put even when I opened the screen door and poked the camera out!

I did a lot of shopping today at multiple locations .... thankfully didn't have to spend too much money though.  

I was sadden by a sight on my way home.  Sadly there is a new housing development being built near Green Pond.  There was quite a stink about the land being developed for housing as the surrounding property is used frequently for migrating birds.  We are upset by the whole prospect so I can't even image how the other homes in the area feel about it.  The road currently only has a handful of homes on one side of it and the other side had always been used for corn or soybean crops.  But now the field there will be yet another housing development.  

When I drove by there today I saw that the developers had cut down lots of beautiful, rather large trees .... that's what made me sad.  And a little bit angry.  It's almost to the point that I dread having to drive that road. I will miss seeing all the migrating birds and other wildlife .... especially the Snow Geese.

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