Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Lunch venue

I had an unhurried morning. Another load of washing went on. It's nice to have days with 0% chance of rain, so I was able to leave the wash out drying whilst Eileen and me went out.

First stop was to visit Margaret's grave. We then went to Cranleigh as I needed a top-up voucher and E treated me to lunch in this 16th Century coffee house! We were sat close to the station where everyone had to place their orders. Eileen noticed someone famous walk in. It turned out to be Julie Walters!!

We stopped for T@3 on Wonersh where the new 85" TV and sound system have been installed. Then back to the Lodge. Eileen had already packed, so just had a coffee before she went on her way. It's been great to have her and recuperate in my own home.

There were a few hours to occupy myself in before G got home. Depending on energy availability, I swept the path, washed two bathrooms (but not the shower or the bath) and had some toast with honey for dinner! The ironing had to wait. G got in around 11. She's picked up a big, black car. It was too dark to take note of details like make/model!! ;). Will find out more tomorrow.

Oh, and I received my invoice from the NHS. £4,050. Next step is to sort that out, starting tomorrow.

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