Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


We had another excellent bible study first thing in the morning with our OaSis group. We even got thanked for the topic we chose and moderated. The ladies have found it helpful which makes it all worth the effort.

We finished in time for lunch which was another one of G's lap tray meals. All was going well and I was just at the end of saying grace when, for the first time ever, my entire tray fell to the ground. Argh!

G made up another tray while I cleaned the carpet. Lunch was over in time for her next session on YouTube content creating. There is a lot to take in. I have to admit, I had a little snooze on the sofa while she watched.

4:30 and we had another Zoom call, this time with our Old Friends group. That only last forty minutes as none of us have a paid subscription. I think there is a plan to catch up every month. Mmmm...

After two days of being at home, we decided a drive out will be beneficial (there's always an ulterior motive for a blip). We headed out towards Al Ain and then turned on to the E77, a relatively new road which has got very different scenery. All the pictures are taken by G - from a moving car. The third extra is on the E44 heading back home. G & I are both fascinated by pylons - the way they stand tall and strong and do something very useful while they're at it!

Another YouTube session at 9 pm. I, er, haven't got to the ironing again. Tomorrow... It's a public holiday and our YouTube content creator presenters are giving us a day off. How about that?

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