By flavia13

OVER THE SEA TO..................

No not Skye, sadly, but to Piel Island, just as lovely in a different way.

I'd been indoors for two days so decided I needed to get out today but only for a few hours because I was remembering it's the Friday before Bank Holiday and roads could become clogged up later!!!

Jumped in the car about 9.30 ish and ended up at The Bosun's Locker on Roa Island for coffee and tea cake - which was yummy.  Then just had a walk around taking a few photos to meet certain criteria from various assignments I have on the go at the moment and to be just a little different from my last visit a few months ago.  

It was different because it was extremely blowy, there were a lot more people about (but not too many) and there was a lot of activity on the water - which was lovely to see.

I then stopped at Sea Wood, just the shore side of it for about 30 minutes to take more photos on the way home.  Sea Wood is a woodland on the coast road between Ulverston and Barrow-in-Furness.  I intend to do much more of it with Hubby in the coming months (he doesn't know that yet!!!)

I was heading home at 1.00pm.  Traffic was already building up on the A590 - not too bad yet.

Then spent the afternoon processing the photos.  

For one assignment I'm going to have to practice shooting in JPEG because the theme will be Straight Out Of Camera and if you shoot in RAW like I do you have to process.  It's going to be a challenge to let the camera decide on the processing for me, but it's good to be challenged.

I will catch up your blips later this evening,  Hope you are all well and for UK folk have a good Bank Holiday weekend, whatever you are doing.

Thanks as usual for dropping by and hopefully see you all tomorrow.

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