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with much...


i am most humbled - astonished and amazed - at the outpouring of support - as well as encouragement from this community - yesterday on the commencement - of my 9 year anniversary

i always wonder - even after all these years - how i will be received with the telling - of my story on my anniversary day - it leaves one vulnerable after all - if one chooses to tell - the truth about how they - came to be here - or at least in my case - opening up about fear and anxiety - isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do - yet there you all were - the same as ever - with open arms, encouraging words - and loads of support

that’s why this site - is so unique and one-of-a-kind - unlike any other you’ll ever find - on the web - it has distinguishing characteristics - which make it stand above - any other social media website - so we need to treasure it - and protect it like it’s gold - therefore kudos to the fab 4 as well - as the community at large - for continuing to uphold our guiding principles - and thank you, again - to everyone for making - me feel so special and - helping me to have had...


happy day.....

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