David J. Rose

By djrose007

Jumping for Joy

We are very lucky in that my sister in law, Sonia, has a swimming pool that her husband (Andy) built and maintains. It's 'Outdoor' but he has bult a conservatory type building around it so it is comfortably warm during the summer months without actually heating the water.
They are very free with family and friends going around to use it but we don't often as it feels a bit like taking advantage.
However, we all went round today, Julia, the Twins, Johanna, Ruby, me, Marlane, F.M.i.L, and Lennon tagged along too.
The girls absolutely loved being thrown up in the air by Julia and Johanna and you can see one of the twins on the left and Ruby on the right airborne. Looks like they have made a tremendous leap from the side and being caught by their Mum's.
Lennon also spent some time on the trampoline after he'd finished in the pool and was dressed. See extra where Ruby joined him.

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