By Bella888

A splendid display

The first Friday Summer Fireworks on the beachfront went ahead. The second two were cancelled due rain/wind, disappointing many who specially came to see it. (Next

So understandably last night (4th Friday) was well attended, and included some nice new fireworks. Sadly the event was marred by a nasty incident in the Lower Gardens immediately after, just as the crowds dispersed.

We watched from the balcony, a fab viewpoint. (I wish our neighbours would trim their trees, then we’d see even more).

I couldn’t choose between 2 firework images, so have been SILLY and superimposed one on the other. Those saucer shapes are as seen by my iPhone as they burst open - they were great fun.

Our friend has now left, so we can relax for a few days, and with luck get over my cough lurgy sooner rather than later. Wouldn’t be going out in this hot weather anyway, so not missing anything. Weather seems to be here till Tuesday. So hope and pray I’m well enough to go out in time for the air show at the end of the week.

Thanks to Admirer for hosting today’s Silly Saturday.

NB: the next fireworks are:-
Friday, August 30 (as part of Bournemouth Air Festival)

Saturday, August 31 (as part of Bournemouth Air Festival)

Friday, September 6 (additional date on account of recent cancellations)

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