Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Silly bird....

Saturdays are good because I like to spend the afternoon in the studio with the Sat opera (an obscure Haydn today)  on the radio after having done chores and walking in the am.   Just got settled with the music turned up and project plans when an island neighbor came over so I had to go TALK for awhile…..sigh. :-)  He's not here very much so had to get the news..  but I got back to it, finished clearing off my desk ( sort of.  just moved stuff somewhere else..extra!) and completed some other stuff.    LIke this driftwood bird that’s been waiting for his oyster hat.   Just for fun and practice, he’s checking out the birdbath..(I know, needs more water)  

 OH —a thought—I bet this would qualify for silly saturday. (but I don't know how to tag that...)  Now I do....thanks to admirer 

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