Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Island Transport?

Was hoping for time in my boat this morning but it was too windy in the morning so we took a walk …there are a few derelict vehicles up on the top…..Not sure what will happen to them…can’t drive off this island....but thought this could be  a fun photo for derelict sunday.  (wow that’s 2 new challenge blips for me this week!  thanks to Marlieske for this )  For the first time ever, there was a plastic bottle thrown out at our view spot… and my little yellow bird knocked off.  Grrr.. (maybe they didn't mean to leave it??? extra)

Visitors on their (2) sailboats who came back from their trip north are at the dock tonight..  We did get a row in after 4:00..very lumpy from other boats.  And we're invited on their boat for Mexican dinner!

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