Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

On the water

Woke up to rain again..nice surprise!    But it didn’t last too long so the sea was calm and I had a very fine time out in my one around..…Lots of stuff to see, good herons shots…looked for that Greater Yellowlegs (HERE)  everywhere but couldn’t see any.   I think they do show up in these parts but I’ve never seen one here. Thanks to those that identified it for me.  
Couldn’t decide on one you get these two seals enjoying their rocks.. the one looked like it WAS a rock with barnacles.  And the flag in the water is marking a reef on the north end of Charles can just see the water breaking over it to the left.   I know boats that ran into this before the flag got set there.  Trincomali Channel and Saltspring in back.

MY task this afternoon was to clear off my studio desk.   Didn’t happen.  Well, partly.  Went for a glass of wine at the next door neighbors who picked up some things for me at the grocery on their way over today.   We are just talking about how simple and refreshing life is here as we contemplate our calendars when we get back to the city….still a couple of weeks left.

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