By Memories4Me

Goosey, Goosey Gander

Dear Diary,

While my cousin and his wife went for a kayak on Moose Pond, my knees don't allow me to get into one of those, I wander the docks and shoreline looking for something to photograph.  This Canadian Goose was honking desperately.  He seemed a bit befuddled by the rows upon rows of motor boats.  The rest of the flock had just taken off and he so wanted to join them and he paddled back and forth looking for a way out.  I encourage him to keep trying different routes but he paddled aimlessly honking as he went.  Finally, I clapped my hands and made some loud noises and he turned tail and rain across the water for 100 or so feet before taking off in the direction of his flock.  I hope he was able to catch up with them.

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