Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

In loving memory

A great day today - as I write at 3.15 it's really warm and the cats have come in to get out of the sun!

I went to Glen Lonan and found yet another huge load of runner beans - nearly a carrier bag full. 

I planned to drive through Glen Lonan to access the Glencruitten Walled Garden from the other direction, but stopped off to have a quick look at Angus's Garden, which is next door to the tunnels. The garden was planted in memory of Angus MacDonald, who died in Cyprus in 1956 - the sign explaining it is on as an extra. The garden runs down to Loch Angus, which funnily enough was not named after Angus MacDonald, but after an earlier keeper working for the family. I've put a picture of their farmhouse on as another extra, backed by the well-known shape of Beinn Cruachan.

I went on to the Walled Garden where I picked another carrier bag full of beans! Unfortunately the King Edward potatoes are all very blighted, so I cut the stems off and put them on the bonfire. The spores must be in the soil. The Maris Bard potatoes were all scabby, so presumably it's not a good place to grow spuds!

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