Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Banking problems

Another glorious day here! Imagine on the wet west of Scotland having to move into the shade while sitting out on the deck with a cuppa!

Finished barrowing soil into the new (flower) bed and settled the washing up bowl pond into position. It does look rather small. I must find some slate to put round the edges then it will be complete.

Sorted out the runner beans and bagged up a load to take down to Hope Kitchen this afternoon. 4.5 pounds for us, 8.5 pounds for them - see extra! And there are so many more coming - I can almost feel them growing! 

While I was parking in Tesco's I noticed the bottles standing beside the bottle bank - a common sight here I'm afraid. I'm surprised that people continue to make the effort when somebody doesn't take the trouble to empty the bins!

Community Council meeting this evening - I'm still wondering why I bother!

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