We had a good service at Church this morning, encouraging us to be good neighbours but I didn’t want to go too far afterwards, because I knew my sister was away for the day and if my Mum needed me, then I wanted to be fairly close by.

We went up to Liddington Hill, where I have photographed some great dereliction in the past, which is literally just up the road from where we live, and found this derelict piece of farming equipment.  Not quite sure what it is, but there appears to be a cutting wheel of some sort down on the left.  The actual machine is covered, although we weren’t sure why, because it obviously hasn’t moved for some considerable time.

On the way home, we stopped to look out over the wonderful Wiltshire countryside - on a cloudless day, with the sun shining, with Liddington Hill behind us, there is no better view for us than the one I have put in as an extra and which I sent to our son in Vietnam - he messaged back to say, “WOW, I remember driving and loving those views.”  

We called in to see Mum on the way back and were pleased to see she looked a bit brighter and was enjoying Songs of Praise on the television and even singing along with some of the hymns!  The kitchen needed clearing, so I set to and did that - for which Mum apologised - saying she had wanted to watch the programme - but I assured her that it was fine.  We watched the end of the programme with her and then left, because she usually has a sleep in the afternoon.  

Mr. HCB has watched the end of the Third Test Match - he was delighted that England won by one wicket - particularly as their innings was such a disaster a couple of days ago, when they were all out for 67 runs!  He’s now watching football, as that season has now started, so I guess it’s me cooking the evening meal again!

“My grandfather used to say that
     once in your life you need 
          a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman
               and a preacher, but every day
three times a day, you need a farmer.”
Brenda Schoep - Farmer

P.S.  Thank you for all your lovely comments, stars and good wishes for my Mum on yesterday's Blip - all of which are much appreciated.

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