When I woke up this morning at about 7.30, I could hear the rain beating on the window and the wind howling, so decided it wasn’t a morning to be doing anything in the garden, so I just turned over and went back to sleep - and the beauty of being retired is that I can!  Mr. HCB hadn’t been up for that long, so he tells me, but of course, he was a bit despondent because he wanted to go out and work in the garden today, but I don’t think he will be doing that either.

I eventually got up at about 9 o’clock and then sat and made quite a few cards.  The wind was very strong and I was watching the sunflowers almost bent double, but realised that once the rain had stopped, it would be a good time to go out into the garden and look for something for TT, as there is no particular theme.  I wandered along the path between the front and back borders, taking shots as I went and then, when I got near to the pond, I could smell the honeysuckle.  There aren’t many flowers out on it at the moment, but the perfume was amazing - I just wish I could bottle it and put it on Blip!

The honeysuckle flower is not particularly pretty, but boy, does it make up for that with the perfume, so here is my offering for TT - you will just have to imagine that smell.  

By this time, Mr. HCB had disappeared to the greenhouse and came back with a basinful of tomatoes and two cucumbers, so I guess that’s lunch sorted for today.  He did say he would go and pick more blackberries to go with the bag of apples that Lynn gave me last night, but would need to change his shirt, as he was sure with this high wind, that he would get some purple stains on the one he was wearing.  However, it’s now raining hard again, so that will have to wait.  It’s not cold, but it’s amazing how much colder one feels when the wind is blowing.  

I haven’t been out for a walk for quite a few days now, so may walk down to the garage after lunch - just to stretch my legs, although the work we have been doing in the green gym has been good exercise.  The trouble is too, that if it rains whilst I am out, it’s that sort of rain that soaks through everything and an umbrella wouldn’t be a good idea in this wind.  

Just to cheer you all up in 4 months, 17 and a bit weeks or 122 days, it will be Christmas Day!  

"The fragrance of flowers 
     spreads only in the direction of the wind, 
          but the goodness of a person 
               spreads in all directions."

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