Still Rockin'

By RockArea


Another day of garden activity or perhaps I should confess that there was probably more inactivity for much of the day today. Marian was out this morning and I took myself down to the lower patio and sat under the parasol with my laptop and caught up with some stuff.

I've been seeing these seeds or fruits that come down from my neighbours tree for a while as they get caught up in cobwebs on the deck and the stairs. I've never been sure what kind of tree it is, it's a bit nondescript. I thought it might be an Ash but I can't see these helicopters in any descriptions of the Ash. Maybe there's a blipper out there who can enlighten me.

I dropped a bunch of them onto a black card and photographed them with the low sun streaming through the window.

Edit: Terrifo tells me they're from a Lime tree and she is of course absolutely right.

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