By LincolnWarrior

Steampunk day 3

Another lovely hot sunny day today . 1st thing this morning i decided that my hair needed a trim so I got the clippers on setting number 1. We then took a walk up to day 3 of the steampunk festival . Not as busy as yesterday but still plenty of crowds and great outfits around. we took quite a few shots and as we was leaving this couple came walking towards us so just had to grab a shot of them. I have added more shots to my Flickr album for those of you that are interested.
This afternoon a trip to Tesco to get the weekly shop out the way and then once home we watched the last 1/2 hr of an amazing cricket test match where England manged to grab victory back of Australia with an amazing last wicket stand against all the odds. It kept me on the edge of my seat.
Tomorrow I will probably go and take more steampunk shots as it is the last day tomorrow sorry to be a bit repetitive but there sure is some great photo opportunities 

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