A Glorious Day Out

We had a fab day out at Bridlington today. Our daughter, husband and the two granddaughters set off early from Doncaster, arrived here around 8:15 and we loaded them and their beachware, as well as our picnic chair and sandwich bag, into The Bus and we set off for the coast, arriving around 10:15. We staked our place on the beach, got some coffee in and proceeded to have a wonderful beach day.

Couldn’t keep eldest granddaughter away from the water...she loved it and wanted to be swimming, even though she has only just learned to swim in a pool. She had to be held onto - and I finished up rolling up my trousers and getting knee deep with her. I got soaked, but she loved it.

Youngest granddaughter wasn’t sure of the sand and was not happy to be put down. Lots of sandcastles were built and destroyed, eldest girl was buried in sand and lots of paddling was done.

Late afternoon we packed up and took stuff back to the car and then walked into town for a fish and chip supper, eaten in the square above the harbour. There were a lot of very, very red people around...our factor 50 has worked a treat, not one bit of red skin amongst us!

Back home by 8 p.m.

The Yorkshire Belle cruiser came past a couple of times.

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